JDLMJoint Deployment Logistics Model
JDLMCollège Jean de la Mennais (La Prairie, Quebec)
JDLMJoint Depot Level Maintenance
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V Corps and the 3d Corps Support Command (COSCOM) used JDLM in the predeployment planning process for time-phased force and deployment data (TPFDD) analysis, logistics modeling, and simulation exercises before deploying to OIF in 2003 and 2004.
JDLM operations integrated the capabilities of the Combat Service Support Control System (CSSCS) to become the Army BCS3.
The interim fielding of BCS3 replaced the JDLM systems in theater and enabled support of sustainment and contingency operations in the area of operations.
JDLM is the logistics model that will serve both levels, Dietrick explained.
The current systems will be slowly phased out as WARSIM, ONESAF and JDLM become available.
The level of support that LESD provides can be scaled as required, and training is available for building a database on JDLM.
Because of this, Reserve component units need LESD's ability to provide training support in the use of JDLM so they can simulate using BCS3 to obtain a logistics common operating picture, commodity tracking capability, and sustainment unit status.
Manual tracking systems and automated systems, such as JDLM, DTRACS, MTS, and BFT, provided commanders situational awareness at all times so that they could make sound decisions that kept forces ready to fight.
The 240th Quartermaster Battalion, using JDLM, was able to replicate reporting procedures from subordinate units and create logistics status reports to transmit to higher headquarters.