JDNJulian Day Number (astronomical calendar)
JDNJoint Data Network
JDNJuvenile Defense Network (Roxbury, MA)
JDNJewish Disabilities Network (Jewish Family Service)
JDNJackson Daily News (Jackson, MS)
JDNJewelry Dealers Network (Lodi, CA)
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With a significant percentage of skilled JDN personnel engaged in R&D, the company says users of the company's advanced hoist and crane products benefit from exceptional reliability, even in the most challenging of environments and this level of performance means that users can operate safely with the knowledge that unscheduled downtime will be minimised, increasing productivity and minimising TCO factors.
JDN said its hoists are used in many mining applications, such as for withdrawing shield supports and other heavy equipment at the face and in galleries; for crane installations in workshops; and to handle shaft sinking equipment, along with general lifting, pulling and tensioning jobs.
Indeed, growing demand in this area is what prompted JDN to undertake its conceptual study of a stainless steel air hoist, the results of which will be presented to visitors at CeMAT 2016.
Prior to NetSuite, JDN Sons used a 20-year-old legacy DOS-based application that resulted in lengthy delays to generate financial reports, high degrees of manual reporting, high costs for finance and accounting personnel, and a risk of inaccurate information.
We have also conducted training for JDN offshore personnel in best practices for CPS pull-in, using our TekTower testing and training facility.
The viability of JDN hoists in the underwater environment has been demonstrated when their air operated hoists were successfully utilized for the removal and replacement of a 50 ton rudder on a fully loaded bulk carrier vessel.
With individual castings varying in their size and weight from under 1kg to several tonnes, JDN hoists are currently being successfully utilised in all areas of foundry operations with varying individual hoists providing load-handling requirements from 125 kg up to 25 tonnes or more.
The energy supply system, which was designed and manufactured by JDN, incorporates four hydraulic drives provided for the crane travel movements.
All JDN handling equipment is particularly eco friendly and very robust, suitable for continuous operation even in adverse conditions of dust, humidity and temperature.
For instance, JDN products are purpose-designed to offer the industry's most efficient air consumption rates per metre lift, resulting in a significant contribution to minimising operational and lifecycle costs.
ELS was both happy and confident to recommend the JDN Profi 2TI air operated hoists to their customer as the logical replacement for their existing pair of manually operated chain hoists.
JDN winches designated for offshore duties are also subject to paint finishes designed to provide a high level of protection against adverse weather conditions and general exposure to marine environments.