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JDOMJava Document Object Model
JDOMJava Distributed Object Model (programming)
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For instance, the JDOM API allows the manipulation of XML documents with Java via a tree structure representation, thus being similar to DOM.
For his part, the dom4j is an open-source API based on DOM and JDOM concepts, using an interface and abstract base class approach, with extensive use of the Collection classes.
In such overview some disadvantages of JDOM were presented, namely the one that considers it inconsistent since there are several ways to accomplish the same tasks (like reading a child element) and due to some gaps in the use of Java convention (e.
Para este componente se utilizan los API de JDOM para manejo de documentos XML y JavaBeans manejados por Servlets para procesamiento de la informacion en la base de datos.
A su vez, los datos tambien pueden ser almacenados y cargados como documentos XML, para lo cual se hace uso de nuevo de JDOM.
All examples in the book use the Apache Xerces XML parser with its implementation of SAX, DOM, JDOM, and JAXP.
XML data binding APIs allow you to write fewer lines of code to access the content of an XML document than you would need with such lower-level APIs as SAX, DOM, JDOM, and JAXP.
forces, JDOMs will send this request to the Headquarters Air Force, who
197) When properly directed by the President through the Assistant Secretary of Defense, the JDOMS must coordinate and monitor military support via several levels of military commands.
199) Northern Command helps coordinate military domestic disaster relief as directed by JDOMS while having few inherent assets and no direct command and control over combatant commanders.
After a federal disaster or emergency declaration has been made and JDOMS directs the military to assist, a senior military representative is designated to facilitate the use of military personnel and equipment in support of a domestic disaster.