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The results of the study, published annually since 1997, led Sonkin and coauthor Dale Haines, a senior manager at JDPA, to draft "Excellence in Home Builder Satisfaction: Common Characteristics of High-Ranking Builders," a white paper that provides the housing industry with benchmarks and a guide for delivering effective (and profitable) customer service.
Although the JDPA white paper does not prioritize the common tactics used by high-ranking builders, effective management of a home buyer's expectations is arguably the platform for building a satisfied customer.
Despite ranking among the top four builders in the JDPA survey of the Twin Cities market in each of the last two years, Wensmann Homes was hardly satisfied.
While 90 percent of home buyers surveyed by JDPA in 2003 experienced at least one problem with their homes within 18 months after move-in, those purchasing from a high-ranking builder averaged 25 percent fewer problems than the market average.
Builders whose buyers reported no problems (and thus no visits) on the 2003 JDPA survey earned scores that were nearly 20 percent higher than those reporting just one visit, and 43 percent higher than builders called back to the house three or more times.
Wieland's four-step process for achieving 100 percent home readiness--which, according to JDPA research, accounts for more of a buyer's overall satisfaction than price and location combined--begins with a 400-point inspection by the home's builder (the company's term for a super) that is then verified by the neighborhood quality manager.
which topped the JDPA rankings in the Denver market.
One top shooter who had come over to JDPA competition from USPSA/IPSC reverted to "run and gun" tactics and raced through the stage.