JDPCJustice Development and Peace Commission (Nigeria)
JDPCJute Diversification Promotion Centre (est. 2002; Bangladesh)
JDPCJiangsu Development Planning Commission (China)
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The JDPC members unanimously agreed to accept the proposal for a JP on stability operations.
The JDPC members unanimously agreed that implementation of the JDDT is approved and all JPs, with revisions that began in February 2009 or later, will use it during development.
For more information regarding the 42d JDPC, go to https://jdeis.
Several information and decision briefs were provided at the JDPC.
The members of the working group agreed to have the Navy, as the executive agent, examine the existing guidance in JPs 3-03, Doctrine for Joint Interdiction Operations, 3-10, Doctrine for Joint Rear Area Operations, 3-31, Command and Control for Joint Land Operations, and 3-32, Command and Control for Joint Maritime Operations, and report the results at the 42d JDPC.