JDPIJuvenile Death Penalty Initiative
JDPIJoint Deployment Process Initiative
JDPIJoint Designated Point of Impact
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The JDPI lamented that the five-year-old had been a victim of 'frequent inhuman and degrading treatments,' saying 'we took a closer look at the victim to confirm the incidence of maltreatment, child abuse and molestation.
The JDPI described the alleged actions of Mrs Abgundu against little Aondoaver as a 'case of inhuman treatment, gross disregard to human life and flagrant abuse if her human rights as enshrined in Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 199, as amended.
Aubryn is seeking an injunction, in addition to the libel and punitive damages, forbidding JDPI from publishing any additional false and misleading information to the public.
Aubryn and JDPI have come to an understanding in reference to the confusion behind the company's sales of spring water and the JDPI brand name," commented R.