JDPIJuvenile Death Penalty Initiative
JDPIJoint Deployment Process Initiative
JDPIJoint Designated Point of Impact
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JDPI is the owner of the Jack Daniel's trademarks, protecting and licensing this famous brand around the world.
Aubryn is seeking an injunction, in addition to the libel and punitive damages, forbidding JDPI from publishing any additional false and misleading information to the public.
In response to the frivolous lawsuit filed by JDPI alleging that Aubryn misrepresented themselves in the water rights properties with Gorman Properties and J.
Aubryn and JDPI have come to an understanding in reference to the confusion behind the company's sales of spring water and the JDPI brand name," commented R.
In its filing, JDPI attached a series of news releases issued between May 16 and June 8, 2001, in which the defendants made statements, such as:
In its lawsuit, JDPI alleges that Aubryn International, Gorman Properties, Harris, and Daniels signed their contractual agreement and issued the news releases for the purpose of trading on the goodwill in the famous JACK DANIEL'S trademark.