JDWJ.D. Wetherspoon PLC (pub chain; Hertfordshire, England, UK)
JDWJustice Data Warehouse (Iowa)
JDWJane's Defence Weekly
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JDW Sugar Mills, along with Hamza Sugar Mill, Indus Sugar Mill, RYK Sugar Mill and Ashraf Sugar mill have agreed to procure the crop at the rates set by the Punjab government.
The concentration of amino acids detected were observed in the range for the soil receiving JDW Sugar mill effluent within 66-1074 mg Kg-1 and oil and ghee effluents within 60-1006 mg Kg-1 as compared to reference samples at the same level (A) within 35-690 mg Kg-1.
Rejects Taiwan Request for HARM and JDAM Kits," JDW, January 18, 2006.
The JK Dairies, a subsidiary of the JDW Group, is one of the largest and most efficient dairy farms in the country.
The total CGI score of each company in descending order is displayed in the table below: There are only three companies which scored more than 60% being Faran Sugar Mills Limited, Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited and JDW Sugar Mills Limited.
I'm not a big fan of Wetherspoon, pubs mainly because I like my taverns small and cosy but JDW are daily proof that the price of a pint is paramount.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-25 August 2010-JCR-VIS retains ratings of JDW Sugar Mills(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
JDW Sugar Mills Limited remained major loser of the day by decreasing Rs 2.
These firms include Faran sugar mills, JDW sugar mills and Shahtaj sugar mills limited.
BIG JDW, Low Fell Mags GOOD goal by Martins but defending was suicidal.