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I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers and editor at JEAS for their guidance and constructive comments during the review process.
For excellent comments on previous drafts of this article we would like to extend our gratitude to two anonymous reviewers of JEAS as well as to Steve Chan, Magnus Ericson, Karl Gustafsson, Stephan Haggard, Kimie Hara, Chris Hughes, Masaya Inoue, Matthew Linley, Scott Mclver, James Manicom, Paul Midford, and Torn Wilkins.
He would also like to thank Gilbert Rozman, Stephan Haggard, and two anonymous JEAS reviewers for their thoughtful comments.
I would like to thank Steve Levitsky, two anonymous referees, and the editor of JEAS for their extensive and thoughtful comments on earlier drafts.