JECFAJoint Expert Committee for Food Additives (UN Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization)
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The piglet study cited by JECFA was conducted by an independent laboratory and supported by carrageenan producers and related industries.
Granted JECFA regulatory approval for Sweetmyx SR96 (S9632)
In the published opinion, EFSA's Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources Added to Foods (ANS) concluded that, considering the available toxicity data, "steviol glycosides complying with JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives) specifications are not carcinogenic, genotoxic or associated with any reproductive/development toxicity.
From a practical perspective the approvals resulting from the JECFA safety determinations, along with the GRAS status, open many markets for S6973, S2383, S6821 and S7958.
JECFA (Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives) - Monographs and Evaluations
According to an international institution staffed by toxicologists and chemists from JECFA, human-beings can consume MSG in unlimited quantities.
The JECFA approval allows immediate commercialization in some countries and is expected to expedite regulatory approvals in additional countries, particularly those that do not have independent regulatory approval systems for new ingredients and countries that require approval from two major regulatory bodies.
In its monograph on carrageenan JECFA said that it had considered a toxicological dossier on carrageenan (Republic of the Philippines 2013) and a commentary on studies published by an academic research laboratory (Tobacman 2013).
Annexure 1 cites an impressive list of 183 important references right from the first report of JECFA, 1957 to WHO Food Additives Series, No.
25] JECFA (1989) WHO food additives series 24 as extracted at hHp.
6 mg/kg as advised by JECFA, the one for mineral oil with aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH would be 0.