JEFXJoint Expeditionary Force Experiment
JEFXJoint Expeditionary Force Exercise
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JEFX initiatives in 2010 will include B-2 Bomber link-16 integration testing and assessment of new close air support capabilities.
JEFX 2004 also will experiment with new ways to track and identify forces, and share that information.
Following JEFX 2004, the Air Force will pursue those capabilities deemed "good enough" by war fighters.
What we're here for in JEFX is to start integrating with the Air Force at the infancy of FCS," said Steinhebel.
The JEFX command air operations center, or CAOC, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.
The Navy's participation in JEFX 08-3 is aimed to develop and refine the MHQ w/MOC processes in relation to other tactical C2 centers.
Probably the most important aspect of exercises like JEFX 06 is what we do with lessons learned after the exercise.
JEFX supports multi-functional exploration, spiral development rigorous assessment of initiatives in the areas of command and control, space, information management, combat forces, mobility, combat and logistics support, and homeland defense.