JEIBIJournal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention (Joseph Cautilli, publisher)
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I am personally amazed at ABA:I's convention to see the number of symposiums and posters that proudly sort JEIBI references.
I assured them that since the Behavior Analyst Today was a success this journal would be too and thus JEIBI was borne.
2004) Mode Deactivation Therapy (MDT) Family Therapy: A Theoretical Case Analysis- JEIBI 1 (2), Pg.
2004): A Comparison of Two treatment Studies: CBT and MDT with Adolescent Male Sex offenders with Reactive Conduct Disorder and/or Personality Traits- JEIBI 1 (2), Pg.
In closing, I want to thank the authors for their contribution to JEIBI and I hope the readers find the articles intellectually stimulating and procedurally useful.
Consistent with the mission of the Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions, this issue of JEIBI contains a wide range of topics and formats devoted to improving behavioral and educational outcomes for children with disabilities.
Following in the spirit of these important actions, the Editorial Board of JEIBI has elected to make several important changes in the structure and presentation of the journal to remain at the forefront of the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and to recognize the growing need to support ABA practitioners who depend upon us for the most up-to-date and relevant information possible to support their needs.
Thomas had the enormous responsibility for compiling and publishing every issue of every journal, including JEIBI, BAT, JSLP-ABA, JBAHSFM, JOBA-OVTP, and Behavioral Development Bulletin.