JEMIJoint Equipment Materials Initiative (UK)
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Guest Editor, JEMI Associate Professor, Wyzsza Szkota Biznesu--National Louis University, Poland
It won't be far off, most observers believe, when there will be a pan-European JEMI performing some of the same functions as the U.
I do hope that the readers of JEMI find the selected papers valuable and that they enrich their knowledge on KM issues.
We also very much appreciate the contribution of the reviewers for their commitment, often multiple, which has enhanced the quality of the entire editorial process and the final version of this JEMI issue.
The final article in this issue of JEMI explores the gender dimension in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the South Indian state of Kerala.
JEMI France (Joint Equipment Manufacturers Initiative) is a non profit association of the French manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, materials and services to the worldwide Semiconductor industry, http://www.
Owing to this fruitful collaboration, the present issue of JEMI offers high-quality contributions to the body of knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation management, which would hopefully interest our international readers and encourage new, scientifically excellent article submission in the future.
We want to extend our thanks to the Authors and to the Reviewers for their contributions, believing that this issue of JEMI provides new evidence and adds to the literature on the relationships between learning, innovation outcome and geographical space.
Readers of this JEMI issue will certainly benefit from the variety of views and combination of theoretical perspectives with rigorous empirical studies, uncovering new facets of innovation management.
In addition to meeting the primary criteria, the remaining 5 individuals approached were selected because of (1) their geographic location, and (2) the ease of contact, that is, a previous relationship with the editor of this JEMI special edition or with one of the authors.
Issue 4 of JEMI contains at least three such concepts, which we would like to present to our readers.
Issue 3 of JEMI, which we are proud to offer to our readers, is a collection of interesting articles, both from scientific and practical point of view, on entrepreneurial orientation, entrepreneurial intentions and opportunities offered by entrepreneurship, which becomes an effective alternative to unemployment and social exclusion.