JEOJournal of Educators Online (industry publication)
JEOJaguar Explorer Online (Atari gaming)
JEOJack Edward Oliver (British cartoonist)
JEOJob Evaluation Officer
JEOJunction East Of
JEOJupiter European Opportunities Trust (finance; UK)
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If the primary surplus falls below the government's target, the JEO can slash spending and/or raise revenues to correct it.
In practice, similar to what happens with monetary policy, the JEO decisions are a formal but loose way to coordinate market expectations about fiscal policy.
Kinsella, EM, Mayne, JEO, Scantlebury, JD, "Ionic Conduction in Polymer Films.
No special favors of the program's participants, other than not eliminating them from consideration for a job because of their past legal problems, are ever asked of employer participants of the JEO program.
Cherry, BW, Mayne, JEO, "The Interaction of Divalent Ions with Varnish Membranes.
According to Travis Klasna at JEO Consulting, a full-service firm offering engineering, architecture, surveying and planning services to clients throughout the Midwest, "Steelhead Mobile has enabled us to deploy remote offices in a new way.
During the month of March, the JEO Foundation will be airing several Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on The Golf Channel Cable network.
Teja, Shakthi Nilayam, JEO Camp office, Reception office,
Tenders are invited for Facility Management Services for House Keeping, Sanitation and Maintenance of 1) Vishnu padam, Vikas, NGRH-I,II,III & IV, Srivari Kuteer,Krishna Teja, Shakthi Nilayam, JEO Camp Office, Reception Office ATRH, NGC (2 to18), Balaji Kuteer areas at irumala (Slice 1)
JEO Consulting Group has acquired a building in Lincoln, however they are not shifting their headquarters out of Wahoo.
Tenders are invited for Facility Management Services for House keeping, Sanitation and maintenance of (1) Vishnu Padam, Vikas, NGRH-1,11, III &IV, Srivari Kuteer, Krishna Teja, Shakthi Nilayam, JEO Camp Office, Reception Office, ATRH, NGC (2 to 18), Balaji Kuteer areas atTirumala (Slice-1) (2) Vidya Sadan, Srinivasa, Lakshmi, Balaji, Godavari Sadan, Sri Padmavathi Rest House, Padmavathi enquiry offices atTirumala (Slice-2) (3) HVDC, Modi Bhavan, Rajendra Prasadam, Bela Kuteeram, AMPRO, Gumble, Annamaiah Bhavan, Gayatri Sadan, Krishna Sadan areas at Tirumala (Slice-3) (West Package) for 2014-16.