JEOMJoint Educational Opportunities for Minorities (US DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program)
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As elections drew to a close, the JEOM Chief of Mission Colin Granderson emphasized the excellent civic participation of the Haitian people, which "made it possible to hold the second round of elections in a peaceful fashion, thus contributing to democratic practices in the country as well as the credibility and legitimacy of the electoral process.
The JEOM report mentioned some of the prevention measures included in the voting and counting procedures as well as failures and obstacles, including late opening of polling places, the lack of supervision over poll watchers given limited space; and acts of violence and intimidation that took place both in Portau-Prince and other provinces.
The JEOM concluded, however, that the irregularities, serious as they were, were not sufficient to consider the election process invalid and stated that the decision of twelve presidential candidates to call for the cancellation of the elections was precipitated and unfortunate.