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JEQJournal of Environmental Quality
JEQJapan Environment Quarterly (Ministry of the Environment)
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The 2005 issues of JEQ contained the following total published pages: No.
Many papers published in JEQ are international (non-U.
ACTION: It was moved, seconded, and carried to replace page charges for the JEQ and to institute a manuscript fee with said fee to be $650 for members and nonmembers, effective for manuscripts submitted on or after 1 January 2004.
The first phase of the searchable journal project was to have all issues of A J, CS, SSSAJ, and JEQ up to and including the year 2000, digitized and placed on CD.
The JEQ Budget Center is projected to have a positive balance though 2008.
ACTION: It was moved that the first option in the nonmember subscription bundle should be the five journals (AJ, CS, SSSAJ, JEQ, JNRLSE) at a total cost of $1800; a second option should be two of the four primary journals (AJ, CS, SSSAJ, JEQ) and JNRLSE at $1100; and a third option should be either one primary journal (AJ, CS, SSSAJ, JEQ) at $600, VZJ at $300, and/or JNRLSE at $100.
CSSA's share of scanning JEQ and JPA will be about $10 000 to $15 000 each.
JEQ received approval to add two technical editors in 2003, for a total of six.
On average per month, JEQ receives 2779 hits, Agronomy Journal receives 4089, Crop Science receives 3958, SSSA Journal receives 4328, and JNRLSE receives 2052.
Budget centers in deficit ([is greater than] $500) during the 5-year period include Crop Science (beginning in 2003), JEQ (beginning in 2002), Books, Monographs, and Special Publications (now and continuing), and Society Services (beginning in 2004).
The 1999 issues of JEQ contained the following total published pages: No.
Subscriptions by members to JEQ are up slightly this year and are within 5% of their all time high.