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Jerns and Ericksen were the only candidates in that race, and Ericksen took nearly 62 percent of votes while Jerns picked up just under 39 percent.
If the those results are a simple matter of name recognition, Jerns still has until Nov.
I think we need people down there that will take a business approach to managing the problems," Jerns said.
Explaining that apparent contradiction, Jerns said he supports 1-1098 because it would eliminate the B&O tax for a majority of small businesses, helping to create jobs.
26, he had 31 pages of contributors; Jerns had five pages.
And, if no history or expertise, Jerns suggests listing why you're considering entering the industry and why you believe your idea will be successful.
Jerns tells of a borrower who had no related business experience but saw opportunity to incorporate the history of the seller.
actually paid some additional money to retain the services of the existing owner in sort of an advisory capacity," Jerns said.
Even with a startup, I like to take a look at their personal tax returns for the last three years," says Jerns of Alaska Pacific Bank.
We try to look at everything when we work with people," Jerns says.
It shares the location with Jerns Funeral Home, but the businesses use separate crematory facilities.
They are the son and granddaughter, respectively, of Quentin "Pete" Peterson, who worked at Jerns Funeral Chapel for more than 30 years.