JERSJapanese Earth Resources Satellite
JERSJapanese Earth Remote Sensing
JERSJoint Emergency Relocation Site
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noted, in Yuji Ichioka, JERS Revisited, in VIEWS FROM WITHIN: THE
interaction of JERS and government-associated social scientists--in
an instance in which a JERS observer recognized his own status as a
in JERS, in VIEWS FROM WITHIN, supra note 6, at 65-94.
Con el lanzamiento de diversos sensores SAR por satelite (Almaz, ERS, JERS, etc.
Nishimoto, a Poston internee who worked with Thomas on the JERS, kept a daily diary of important camp events, and Theodore H.
Names can appear vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards or forwards) Answer on page 55 VVWORD search J K L PO IGVE A B C J NMSOG VDEEASHHU J SMSHBEOK CN P L T JERS DAWQ I BHYL KONURGANE AK P NY JNOD YUH JONOLI XD S E C NRAV KJHT IMENA EWQ AN BGHD
The mission / instrument data covered by these activities include ESA missions (ERS ENVISAT Earth Explorers) and Third Party Missions such as Landsat ALOS JERS etc.
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