JERUJoint European Reserve Unit (USEUCOM)
JERUJoint European Reserve Unit
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Lower and Middle Triassic conodonts from the Jerus Limestone, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia.
Kay of Shrewsbury; twelve nieces and nephews, Maryanne Lane and her husband, Earl of Worcester, Nancy Kay of Shrewsbury, John Kay and his wife, Cindy and their children, Kevin and Samantha of North Andover, Jean Jerus of Florida and Anne Marie Reidy of Worcester; also survived by special friends, Evelyn Bradshaw and Shirley Mendolia of Fairfax, Virginia.
37) "cuando vinimos a una legua de camino a cercanias de la localidad, vino a nuestro encuentro el rey de los Jerus con doce mil hombres, mas bien mas que menos, en modo pacifico (.