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JES3Job Entry Subsystem #3
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Other enhancements to (E)JES include new tabular columns, support for mixed z/OS releases from a single set of (E)JES target libraries, and exploitation of JES3 Spool Data Set Browse introduced with z/OS 1.
extracts 1-12) 1: JES4 No Leaves 2: JES5 No Leaves 3: JES3 Yes Leaves 4: JES3 Yes Leaves 5: JES3 Yes Leaves 6: JES3 Yes Leaves 7: JES3 Yes Leaves 8: JES3 Yes Leaves 9: JES3 Yes Leaves 10: JES3 Yes Leaves 11: JES3 Yes Leaves 12: JES5 No Leaves Myoporum desertii Benth.
Server Platform Operating Environment OS/390, MVS/ESA under JES2 or JES3 subsystems Compatible Interfaces IBM(R) ABARS; numerous backup utilities including ACPUMAIN, ADASAV (ADABAS(R)), DFHSM, DFDSS, SAMS:DISK, DSNIUTILB, FAVOR, FDR, FDRABR, FDRDSF, ICPUMAIN Image Copy+, PDSFAST, PDSMAN, SNAPSHOT, and VSAM ASSIST.