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JESPJournal of Exercise Science & Physiotherapy (peer reviewed journal)
JESPJournal of European Social Policy
JESPJob Evaluation for Senior Posts (UK)
JESPJoint Ejection Seat Program
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Our evaluation shows that for low horizons (h < 6) DICE outperforms JESP but has taken, under these settings, more time to finish.
In terms of quality of the found policy, DICE outperforms JESP for lower horizons: although all methods found (near-)optimal solutions for h = 2,3,4 within the 100 restarts, the variance of JESP is much higher.
Figure 10 shows that while JESP requires much more time than DICE, it does not result in better performance.
Because there are now 3 agents, the number of joint observation histories, and thus the number of entries to compute for exact evaluation and for JESP grows much faster.
JESP is built on the understanding that any author can easily offer their own work for free access on their own website.
Although the marginal costs of dissemination of any individual article is zero, JESP does bear the costs of evaluation of each submission and production of each accepted article.
JESP published ten full articles in 2005-2006 -- the journal's first two years of publication--that have been downloaded more than 117,500 times--an average of more than one thousand per full year of publication, per article.
34) Full credit for this suggestion goes to an anonymous referee for JESP.
38) For comments on earlier versions of this paper, I am grateful to Vuko Andric, Katrin Beushausen, Tony Bezsylko, Krister Bykvist, Luis Cheng-Guajardo, Guido Ehrhardt, Christoph Fehige, Steve Finlay, Daniel Friedrich, Jan Gertken, Tim Henning, Frank Jackson, Felix Koch, Niko Kolodny, Andreas Muller, Katrien Schaubroeck, Thomas Schmidt, Karsten Schoellner, Jay Wallace and two anonymous referees for JESP.
An anonymous referee for JESP raised the different concern that when we say that there is a reason to ?
23) I thank two reviewers for JESP for pressing this question.
37) I thank a reviewer for JESP for pressing this objection.