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JESUSJesus Uses Us
JESUSJesus Exactly Suits Us Sinners
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Jesus Christ spoke those words--he said he came TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE POOR.
Jesus Christ did really come down from heaven, as I, like a silly child, thought Mr.
Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if Thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.
He told them he doubted they were but indifferent Christians themselves; that they had but little knowledge of God or of His ways, and, therefore, he could not expect that they had said much to their wives on that head yet; but that unless they would promise him to use their endeavours with their wives to persuade them to become Christians, and would, as well as they could, instruct them in the knowledge and belief of God that made them, and to worship Jesus Christ that redeemed them, he could not marry them; for he would have no hand in joining Christians with savages, nor was it consistent with the principles of the Christian religion, and was, indeed, expressly forbidden in God's law.
I want you to remember that there is a beautiful world, where Jesus is.
of repentance towards God, and faith in our blessed Lord Jesus.
We are not told the history of her love, but that love must have been very great; for Jesus said that her sins were forgiven her, not because she repented, but because her love was so intense and wonderful.
Jesus speaks always from within, and in a degree that transcends all others.
To those who believe in Jesus and his gospel there can be no other relation between man and man than the relation of affection.
But there are no such men as we fable; no Jesus, nor Pericles, nor Caesar, nor Angelo, nor Washington, such as we have made.
A sublime symbol met his eyes on the high mantel-shelf above him--a colored plaster cast of the Virgin with the Child Jesus in her arms.
Not the elegant prince of our debauched and vicious art, not the jeweled idol of our society churches--but the Jesus of the awful reality, the man of sorrow and pain, the outcast, despised of the world, who had nowhere to lay his head--"