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JETEJordan Education and Training Exhibition (Canadian International Education Establishment, Inc; Canada)
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The aim of this study was to quantify, by means of kinematic analysis, the midfoot longitudinal arch height and hip external rotation in dynamic ballet-specific tasks, specifically first position, demi-plie, battement fondu a la seconde, pas jete a la seconde, and grand jete a la seconde.
Jete Power Holdings Limited is a manufacturer of metal casting parts and components in the PRC.
According to Larry, Alice's first draft of Le Grand Jete was a great combination of the contemporary and the classic and had a quirky edge that really spoke to him.
This could be done in the Jete and Salobrena populations (samples collected in 1986, 1989 and 1990) and also in Algarrobo and Nerja (samples collected in 2004).
Florence Highway a ensuite ete invitee a devoiler le jete et le coussin de la masse avec le chef Bird (3).
A former high-class performer as a three-year-old in South Africa, Grande Jete could have his sights set on the Supreme Novices' Hurdle or, failing that, the two-mile novice hurdle at Aintree.
1] and %HRmax) responses during the performance of sets of nine different ballet movements (plies, tendus, jetes, ronds de jambes, fondus, grand adage, grand battements, temps leves, and sautes), and correlate them with dancers' first and second ventilatory thresholds (VT1 and VT2).
Le fameux aventurier et voyageur egyptien, Ahmed Haggagovic, a jete l'ancre en Egypte, apres un long periple au cours duquel, il a visite 107 pays.
Un groupe de personnes a tenu, jeudi, un rassemblement non-autorise devant le siege du district provincial de police de Sidi Ifni, lors duquel il a jete des pierres en direction des forces de l'ordre, reclamant la liberation d'un individu interpele le 30 avril pour son implication dans les actes de vandalisme perpetres sur la route nationale 12 reliant Sidi Ifni a Guelmim, precise-t-on de meme source.
Right in step with the environmental movement, the "Solar Powered Dance Series" takes place on an outdoor platform in Stuyvesant Cove Park only a jete away from the East River.
This year his hopes lie with the much-travelled Grand Jete, part-owned by golfer Lee Westwood and former trainer Jeremy Hindley, and the talented but idiosyncratic Perle de Puce.