JETOJapan External Trade Organization
JETOJournal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology
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The agreement with JETO "took about a year" to develop, says Lucien Bradet and followed a trip by Rock to Japan and extensive contact with Japanese trade officials.
During the Oconcentrated period of discussionO about work schedules, the pilots didnOt monitor the jetOs instruments or calls from controllers, though they said they heard conversations on the radio, the NTSB said.
It is said the change is being driven following EtihadOs decision to acquire 24 percent equity in Jet Airways and JetOs offering is being aligned with Etihad service.
The fuselage has been swelled above the wing join to 65,000 cubic feet -- three times that of a standard 747-400 freighter -- to accommodate full 787 fuselage assemblies and the new jetOs completed wings.