JEVJapanese encephalitis virus
JEVJesuit European Volunteers
JEVJoint European Ventures (EU)
JEVJoinville Eau Vive (France)
JEVJournal Entry Voucher (Philippines)
JEVJasper East Village (Canada)
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In our study, the highest numbers of scrub typhus cases were recorded during July-September, the peak season for JEV transmission.
While SPV's immediate-term liquidity profile remains intact, the slightest deviation of its cashflow below our expectations - either due to higher-than-projected profit payments on the Class B IMTN or lower-than-projected future cash inflows from JEV - would impair the Company's debt-servicing ability on the Class A IMTN.
Formalin-fixed brain tissue collected at autopsy showed histopathologic changes indicative of meningoencephalitis, and positive immunohistochemical staining for JEV serocomplex group flavivirus antigens in multiple areas.
Earlier, the presence of JEV in these areas was confirmed by monitoring the animal serum samples (8).
During September 2006, 17 serum samples were collected by hospital staff with informed consent from suspected JE cases admitted in BRD Medical Collage Hospital, Gorakhpur and screened for JEV IgM antibodies by MAC ELISA (supplied by National Institute of Virology, Pune).
However, recent JEV seroprevalence data showed that 98.
Meanwhile, JEV has experienced some operational hiccups since 2H FY December 2011, mainly attributable to accelerated wear and tear owing to the plant's high load factor since late-2010.
Although <1% of JEV infections result in clinical disease, JE is a devastating illness that has a case-fatality ratio of approximately 30% and causes neurologic sequelae in approximately 50% of survivors (1).
Krishna and colleagues have described the immune response induced by JEV E-protein in serum and peripheral blood monocular cells among convalescing JE patients and healthy protected individuals, lt is a well thought out article from an Indian perspective.
Among confirmed etiologies, JEV was identified in 15 patients and dengue virus in 2.
Of these 23 serum samples, 11 had a 4-fold increase in titer of WNV-neutralizing antibody; neutralizing antibody against JEV was not detected.
From the 1970s until around 2010, JEV infection was considered to be the leading cause of AES in the traditional JE belt of India, which includes Kushinagar District in the state of Uttar Pradesh (5-11).