JEVJapanese encephalitis virus
JEVJesuit European Volunteers
JEVJoint European Ventures (EU)
JEVJoinville Eau Vive (France)
JEVJournal Entry Voucher (Philippines)
JEVJasper East Village (Canada)
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Among confirmed etiologies, JEV was identified in 15 patients and dengue virus in 2.
As expected, JEV registered a strong finance service coverage ratio (FSCR) of 1.
Apart from JEV, natural isolation of viruses of public health importance, viz.
This is after factoring in proposed dividend payments of MYR 30 million and capex totalling MYR 44 million at JEV level, which will ultimately affect payments to SPV.
gelidus, which has the potential to transmit a number of encephalitis causing viruses such as JEV, MVEV, WNV, etc especially in the wake of WNV activity in certain parts of the country.
Of these 23 serum samples, 11 had a 4-fold increase in titer of WNV-neutralizing antibody; neutralizing antibody against JEV was not detected.
It could take as long as two weeks to find evidence of the virus in samples of pig blood, however, which is why this expensive program gave way in 2004 to a more efficient system of traps that collect the insects directly, so they can be tested for the JEV antigen.
Should SPV's financial indicators deteriorate beyond oRAM Ratings ur projections, either due to higher-than-projected profit payments on the Class B IMTN or lower-than-expected future cashflow contribution from JEV throughout the remaining tenure of the Class A IMTN, the rating will be subject to additional downward pressure.
Thus, surveillance for JEV infection in India has focused on identifying AES cases rather than JE cases; this approach is more feasible given the limitations of public health resources (1).
To rule out the possible cross-reactions, samples were also screened against the closely related flaviviruses [Japanese encephalitis virus (JE) and West Nile virus (WN)] infections by haemagglutination inhibition (HI) test using dengue virus (DENV), JEV and WNV antigens (11).
Bavarian Nordic has produced a clinical batch of the MVA-BN(R) JEV vaccine against Japanese encephalitis and completed the necessary toxicological studies in rabbits.
In assessing JEV's ongoing distributions to SPV, our sensitised projections assume that the amounts are as represented by JEV and that the IPP will adhere to its financial covenants on a forward-looking basis throughout the Senior IMTN's tenure, as opposed to only the year of assessment.