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JEVSJewish Employment and Vocational Services
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Nombre Edad Edad Duracion de inicio al morir (anos) JEVS 17 22 5 AVSV 13 17 4 JASV 14 24 9 FASV 16 22 6
With UltiPro, we have been able to re-architect our processes in such a positive way--delivering a major impact to the bottom line through increased efficiencies and decreased expenses in staffing," said Robin Fetter, FMS director of payroll/benefits for JEVS Supports for Independence division (SFI).
As a not-for-profit organization, JEVS SFI is required to follow very strict fiscal management standards.
Previously, JEVS SFI faced a range of constraints when using a payroll service bureau to meet these intricate requirements.
In addition to complex payroll, JEVS SFI currently has multiple systems that handle employee/employer information.
JEVS Human Services, where Annie interns, is dedicated to helping individuals with physical, developmental and emotional challenges and those facing adverse socioeconomic conditions live lives of independence and dignity.
JEVS Human Services is a diverse human services organization that runs over 20 successful programs providing skills development, job readiness and career services, vocational rehabilitation, recovery services, adult and residential day services, and in-home personal assistance.