JEWCJoint Electronic Warfare Center
JEWCJoint Electronic Warfare Coordination
JEWCJunior Enterprise World Conference
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Beginning this summer and continuing until approximately the first quarter of 1995, the JEWC and the JPO also will cooperate with the 46th Test Group at Holloman AFB to test various receivers against hypothetical jamming signals.
Finally, the JEWC and the Unified Space Command, Colorado Springs, CO, are prototyping a man-portable interference detection/location receiver system to develop concepts and test the military's ability to pinpoint sources of hostile jamming.
In a fourth project, approaching the issue from the opposite side, the JEWC will develop a prototype jammer for use against enemy GPS systems.
The JEWC Directorate of Systems Engineering (SE) manages the UAV EW payload demonstration project.
As the JEWC presses forward in its concept demonstration program, it is concurrently doing an analysis of EW-related technology that could aid the services in developing their UAV EW requirements.
The JEWC has only taken the first step -- the job must not end here.
The JEWC is organizationally composed of four directorates -- computer applications, operations, studies and analysis and systems engineering -- and the office of plans and resources (Figure 1).
The JEWC puts a high premium on recent operational experience, whether or not EW or [C.
The information requirements of the JEWC are extensive.
While the JEWC director is not a strictly Air Force billet, every director so far has come from that service.
According to Colonel Dickson, the JEWC may add an Australian staffer in the near future.
In peacetime, the JEWC provides a wide range of Ew-related services, including operational planning, analytical support, staff augmentation and training, exercise participation and evaluation, systems engineering, MIJI (meaconing, intrusion, jamming and interference) analysis, operational testing and compilation of the DOD EW plan.