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Although JEX is one office serving two separate and distinct bureaus, the new office had to belong to one bureau--one of the two had to get top billing.
The JEX management team took pains to maintain and maximize the strengths of both legacy offices.
Rather than let customers in IO and EUR find their own way among the sections that comprise JEX, they created a Customer Support Center to help customers in EUR and IO navigate among JEX sections.
After the pilot of the JEX plane and the air traffic controller noticed the ANA plane's unauthorized runway entry, the controller ordered the JEX pilot to overshoot the runway.
A Japan Airlines official said the incoming JEX plane was flying just about 7 kilometers away from the runway in question.
The JEX plane arrived in the airport about 20 minutes behind schedule while ANA Flight 18, bound for Tokyo, departed about 10 minutes later.
Brad and his team at JEX have been the driving force and innovation behind all our exploration successes as a Company over the years and in April Brad agreed to assume a more direct role in the Company's operations.
The JEX plane from Osaka airport eventually changed direction and landed safely, after which its pilot was notified of the ASDF plane's aborted takeoff, they said.
There were no injuries among the 64 passengers and crew members on the JEX plane and five on the ASDF T-400 trainer.
Peak, Contango's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, "Our decision to restructure our arrangement with JEX was driven by several 'new realities' in our industry:
4% interest in both REX and COE from JEX for the same total purchase price of $7.
This integration is simplified merger for JAL and short form merger for JEX.