JEXJournalists in Exile
JEXJapan Express (airline)
JEXJoint Exercise
JEXJRC (Joint Research Center) Eurovoc Indexer (software; European Commission)
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Juneau who was also elected as the president and acting CEO of Contango ORE Inc on Tuesday formed JEX in 1998, served as SVP of exploration for Zilkha Energy Company from 1987 to 1998, served as staff petroleum engineer with Texas International Company and was a production engineer with Enserch Corporation in Oklahoma City earlier.
The Department's legal adviser approved a Memorandum of Understanding that contained a detailed overview of the operational structure in the new JEX.
Although JEX is one office serving two separate and distinct bureaus, the new office had to belong to one bureau--one of the two had to get top billing.
Additionally, JEX and its seven employees, including Juneau, will continue to generate offshore and onshore prospects for Contango Oil & Gas Company.
After the pilot of the JEX plane and the air traffic controller noticed the ANA plane's unauthorized runway entry, the controller ordered the JEX pilot to overshoot the runway.
A Japan Airlines official said the incoming JEX plane was flying just about 7 kilometers away from the runway in question.
The JEX plane from Osaka airport eventually changed direction and landed safely, after which its pilot was notified of the ASDF plane's aborted takeoff, they said.
There were no injuries among the 64 passengers and crew members on the JEX plane and five on the ASDF T-400 trainer.
This integration is simplified merger for JAL and short form merger for JEX.