JEZJugend Entwickelt Zukunft (German youth organization)
JEZJournal of Experimental Zoology
JEZJoint Engagement Zone
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Jez Jones, co-owner of the park, said: "Four years ago we had the idea to open a park in the UK.
But not content with just Joe, Jez soon finds himself in bed with one of his life coach clients Megan.
Pumpkins and |themed cupcakes were on the menu as Nicola and Jez went for the classy approach
To learn more about Attorney George Fleming and his law firm, Fleming | Nolen | Jez, L.
Jez has some brand new trainers and loves walking - and hopes the families will have a great time learning more about their local area.
When we're in busy bars, Danny Brough very often can't be bothered queuing up to be served for a drink, so Jez offers to do it for him if Broughy buys him a drink.
As the pair head into middle age (Jez is now "teetering on the edge of 40"), there's a dissatisfaction creeping into their lives and it's slowly dawning on Jez that he may never make it as a musician.
The last episode of season 7 takes place on New Year's Eve, when Zhara tells Jez that she and Ben have broken up.
September 3, Ronnie James and the Jez Hot Swing Band at the Market-
TRAIL & FELL RUNNING: Jez Brown of Buckley Runners won Sunday's Moel y Gamelin fell race from Llangollen, which incorporated the North Wales Trail-Running Championships.