JFACCJoint Forces Air Control Center
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander's Course
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Command
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander
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Teams are expected to deploy this spring in support of the JFACC during Exercise Blue Flag 18 and Epic Guardian/Judicious Response at Weisbaden and Stuttgart in Germany, Vicenza in Italy and San Diego, California.
He was--you can picture him as the first JFACC, if you will, of the time.
The innovation of the position of JFACC, used in Desert Storm under the control of Lieutenant General Horner, at long last brought many of these assets under the tactical control of one Airman.
The following excerpt from a proposed revision in USAF doctrine continues the Air Force's long-standing focus on and fascination with control: "Centralized control empowers the JFACC to respond to changes in the operational environment.
Navy has done this for years, but now we are working to do it in the joint arena where the JFACC and JFLCC (Joint Force Land Component Commander) have visibility on what we're doing.
The French Air Force had actively been developing its ability to deploy JFACC and D-CAOC control centers, as well as a deployed joint support air base (base aerienne de soutien interarmees projectable; BSVIA).
The JFACC application domain (like many others) requires the use of conservative repairs (Nebel and Koehler 1995) that minimize changes to the original plan.
Technologies will be provided by JFACC program developers and related DARPA technology efforts in C3/planning, information systems and battlefield awareness.
The integration of OCA and DCA occurs within the air operations center (AOC) and is the responsibility of the joint force air component commander (JFACC), with the JFACC commanding OCA and the area air defense commander (aAdC) commanding DCA.
The issue will come to a head in the Pacific, where the Air Force has a theater JFACC (Joint Force Air Component Commander) / AOC.
Air Force, under JFACC control, was vital in the tactical strike, aerial refueling, and suppression of enemy air defenses during every stage of the campaign.
In 1996, the Air Force established the 609th Information Warfare Squadron (motto: "Anticipate or Perish") at Shaw AFB to support CENTAF with combined offensive and defensive cyber missions "to fully operationalize information warfare on behalf of the JFACC [joint force air component commander] and the fighting forces.