JFACCJoint Forces Air Control Center
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander's Course
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Command
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander
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As a result, the JFACC staff had to flex to meet multiple mission requirements while flying out of coalition airbases scattered throughout Italy, Germany, and Greece.
Navy has done this for years, but now we are working to do it in the joint arena where the JFACC and JFLCC (Joint Force Land Component Commander) have visibility on what we're doing.
Technologies will be provided by JFACC program developers and related DARPA technology efforts in C3/planning, information systems and battlefield awareness.
While it is true they have been fed into the JFACC Air Tasking Order (ATO) for certain over-land operations, over water the JFMCC is the competent authority, and, unlike ground forces, tactical aircraft are organic to surface units.
It has been a long time since a naval officer in tactical command has had targeting authority over his land attack missiles or aircraft, and as the Standard Missile achieves over-the-horizon aircraft intercept capability, it is likely that the JFACC will have the call on some defensive shots.
He was also the JFACC for Operation Noble Eagle, responsible for contingency planning and aerospace defense of the continental United States.
He notes that, while Air Force doctrine made the JFACC supreme over all air operations, Homer's authority was challenged for good reason by Schwarzkopf and his top subordinates.
13) Targeting and fire support coordination were the responsibility of the JFACC whose focus was the integration of airspace, not with ground elements.
But should there be a concern or problem for the deployed commander of airlift forces, reference tasking, or type missions required for supporting the JFC plan, then the current chain of command extends from the group and wing commander directly to the JFACC, who normally will have little or no mobility mission knowledge.
During military operations involving air assets the JFACC has the authority through SPINS to further restrict ROE as promulgated by the JFC.
The pub does not address what happens when JFACC is not the air expeditionary force commander, nor does it consider the fact that the Air Force space commander does not exercise operational control over Army, Navy, national, commercial, or international satellite systems and cannot task them.
This article will examine the potential and limitations of network-centric warfare in terms of command and control and in the context of the JFACC.