JFBAJapan Federation of Bar Associations (Nihon Bengoshi Rengokai)
JFBAJapan Blind Football Association
JFBAJapan Burkina Faso Friendship Association
JFBAJapanese Buoyant Flight Association
JFBAJohannesburg Bantu Football Association (South Africa)
JFBAJohn F. Butts & Associates, Inc. (steel engineering software)
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The JFBA says the Japanese system of capital punishment is problematic as executions are conducted secretly and death-row inmates are kept in complete isolation, with their contact with the outside world severely restricted.
The JFBA adopted a resolution on crime victims at the human rights meeting, in which it urges the government to enact a fundamental law concerning victims' rights and set up a comprehensive system of financial support for them.
The JFBA has repeatedly criticized what it calls the "hostage justice" system in Japan, saying in its 1998 report to the U.
While the JFBA has called for the government to immediately launch a public debate on abolishing the death penalty by disclosing more information surrounding the capital punishment system and suspend executions while discussions are ongoing, five inmates have already been executed since the DPJ took power in 2009.
Nomura, supra note 19, at 54 (indicating that when Justice Koutarou Irokawa was to retire, the JFBA recommended three candidates to succeed him, yet the Cabinet chose Kiichiro Otsuka, who was not recommended by the JFBA).
The JFBA has pointed out that the legal remedy mechanism would help redress the situation of parents and children when a return to a child's habitual country of residence is ordered under the Hague Convention despite claims of abuse.
31 Sample periods 1960-1990 Sources: EPA, (1990) JFBA (1981, 1991), Hayashiya (1993), Supreme Court (1990).
In the JFBA, committees such as the Human Rights Committee and Criminal Defense Center were established for the protection of human rights.
The JFBA urged the nation's diplomatic missions abroad to provide necessary assistance to Japanese nationals who are involved in child custody disputes.
The new JFBA chief also expressed dissatisfaction with Tokyo's handling of the issue, saying, ''The state only expressed concerns over the imminent execution, and failed to prevent it.
Some of these expenses are already being incurred: the Supreme Court, prosecutor's office, and JFBA are all engaging in research in anticipation of the lay assessor system's adoption.
Lawyers' income data are obtained from surveys by (a) Horitu Jihou Hennshubu (1960), (b) JFBA (1981) and (e) JFBA (1991).