JFCOMJoint Forces Command (formerly ACOM change effective 1 Oct 99)
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While JFCOM officials did not say publicly that time-sensitive targeting was chosen first because of the high-profile failures, an Air Force officer, who asked not to be named, confirmed that the issue is being debated in the service.
With this objective, JFCOM proposed and the Department of Defense (DOD) implemented an SJFHQ-CE (10) initiative that allows combatant commanders the flexibility of having a permanent JTF headquarters to conduct joint operations.
It is time to apply ideas derived from the JFCOM experimentation process to doctrinal prescriptions.
Mission-oriented tasks with criteria could be translated into measures of performance for evaluating the JFCOM standing joint force command and control element-related experimentation.
JFCOM has been a major driver of many of the most powerful capabilities that IWS provides," said Khoa Nguyen, Chairman and CEO of Ezenia.
One of the many great aspects of the job is to be able to both represent the operating forces of the Marine Corps to our service headquarters, while simultaneously acting as the voice of the Marine Corps to JFCOM.
Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) serves as the Defense Distribution Process Owner and is the supporting organization to DLA and the services for the movement of sustainment and to JFCOM for the movement of forces.
The Deployment, Employment and Sustainment (D), E&S) operational framework is a maturing JFCOM concept that recognizes the changing complexity and interdependence of what had been three separate and distinct operational actions.
JFCOM became the DoD Executive Agent forming a Joint Program Office to lead DoD concept development and experimentation.
This unit will enable JFCOM to realize fully its role as the advocate for "jointness," joint interoperability, and for joint force integration of UAV and TCS capabilities.
The UQ06 Global Cell activities are being conducted at the Center for Innovation's new C2 laboratory under the auspices of the recently announced Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between JFCOM and Lockheed Martin.