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When there is an MAH change, the JFDA requires a separate application for each product affected.
In 2004, the JFDA created a clinical studies department to better regulate programs conducted in Jordan, and monitors them through all stages of development including the receiving and evaluating of all protocols, supervision and follow up of study decisions, inspection of all licensed institutions, centers (CROs), and related parties.
Mohammad Al-Khrisha from JFDA for the information he provided about medicines in Jordan.
Obeidat underlined the heavy workloads and the crucial responsibility shouldered by the JFDA, referring to the increasing volume of food imports, especially after the Syrian refugee crisis and the subsequent risks it poses to the national economy and the changing consumption patterns in the society.
The process for appealing a decision by the Director General of the JFDA is set out in the 'Instruction for Reviewing Objections over Food Control Measures for the year 2015' (the "Instructions"), which issued pursuant to the Food Law.
He prodded the JFDA "not to accept any favours or succumb to any pressures that some might exercise on it", calling on administration field staff to display a sense of honesty and national duty in their monitoring task.
Ensour said a JFDA representative should be sent to the country of origin to take wheat and barley samples and report to the Ministry of Industry and the JFDA in order to accelerate lab tests and approve shipments to the port of Aqaba.
New food regulations All food outlets and commercial kitchens in the Kingdom will soon be required to comply with the Jordan Food and Drug Association's (JFDA) new set of health regulations concerning food safety and hygiene standards, according to a JFDA official.
Director of the JFDA office in Zarqa Ayman Majali said that staff from the Zarqa office conducted 244 inspection visits to businesses, during which they issued 153 warnings that resulted in the closure of 19 establishment for violating laws and rules of general health.
Director of the JFDA office in Zarqa Ayman Al Majali said that the inspection team had seized and destroyed expired juices, meat, and canned food.
In a press conference, the minister said that JFDA along with the Medications Pricing Committee were entrusted to announce the names of all the analgesics and antibiotics that were floated, and to instruct the 1,800 pharmacies in the country to maintain the old prices.
During a meeting with the Director General of JFDA Hayel Obeidat, the prime minister stressed the importance of the department's role as it is directly linked to the safety and health of citizens and the economy through enhancing quality.