JFDIJust Focus and Do It
JFDIJust Freakin' Do It (polite form)
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JFDI is interested in startups that are tackling opportunities in healthcare, education and financial services with the potential for technology to help.
JFDI installed both Impromptu Web Query and PowerPlay Server Web Edition in the Paris office of H&S.
JFDI is currently reworking business models and refining the data cubes in response to additional requests from H&S.
Chris Smith, Bernie Warner and Kash Bhagwat-Brown founded JFDI Technology in February 1998.
JFDI prides itself on overcoming theory by finding practical solutions to fit the corporate requirements both in terms of technology and budget.
The staff of JFDI has a wide range of skills covering all the major technologies available today.
Assuming the completion of the Rights Offering and the acquisition by JFD and JFDI of 250,000 Units as provided for in the Standby Commitment, JFD will own beneficially or of record, directly or indirectly (through JFDI) and with Merrilyn Driscoll, 627,565 Units representing 17.
JFD and JFDI have acquired the above-noted Rights and will acquire the above-noted Units for investment purposes and may, depending on market and other conditions, increase their beneficial ownership, control or direction over the Units, Rights or other securities of the Fund, through market transactions, private agreements, treasury issuances, exercise of convertible securities or otherwise.