JFETSArmy's Joint Fires and Effects Trainer System
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FlatWorld -- a mixed reality simulation environment merging cinematic stagecraft techniques with immersive media technology, allowing individuals to walk and run freely among simulated rooms, buildings and streets TLAC-XL/CLAS -- a project that investigates the role of storytelling and interactive dialogue with virtual characters JFETS (Joint Center for Fires and Effects Integration) - a test bed for interactive learning and training technology, located at Fort Sill, Oklahoma ICT Games - Two training simulation games: Full Spectrum Command (PC) and the E3 Games Critic Award winner Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox), which has since become a top-selling consumer game.
Leading SiC diodes and JFETS now available globally
the leading manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) transistor technology for high-power, high-efficiency, harsh-environment power management and conversion applications, has launched a new family of low cost SiC JFETS with very good linearity targeted at high-end audio applications.