JFGJet Force Gemini (game)
JFGJustice for Girls (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
JFGJumpers for Goalposts (fantasy football league)
JFGJoint Future Group (Scotland, UK)
JFGJoint Frequency Group
JFGJF Goodson (Coffee Company; Knoxville, TN)
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As of November 30, 2017, JFG had over USD 700 million in assets under management or under advisement.
Dorland L, Haverkamp J, Vliegenthart JFG, Strecker G, Michalski J-C, Fournet B, et al.
Hurst, through Fi-Tech in Virginia has sold the machinery which is also used for the round coffee bags to General Foods, JFG Coffee Co.
Prior to joining Scouler, Michael founded JFG Capital, a boutique financial services firm that specialized in commercial and residential real estate finance.
Silver Lane Advisors LLC introduced JFG to WE Donoghue, Finn Dixon and Herling LLP acted as legal counsel to WE Donoghue, and Reed Smith LLP acted as legal counsel for JFG.
Smits AL, Ruhnau MFC, Vliegenthart JFG Van Soest JJG (1998) Ageing of starch based systems as observed with FT-IR and solid state NMR spectroscopy.
The wireless network, designed and deployed by Firetide partner and Nevada-based systems integrator JFG Systems, enabled the city to implement a much more robust and error-proof communications system.
Reily Foods markets products including Luzianne Tea and Coffee, Blue Plate mayonnaise, JFG coffee and mayonnaise as well as a host of other specialty items.
Dorland L, Havercamp J, Vliegenthart JFG, Strecker G, Michalski J-C, Fournet B, et al.