JFHQJoint Forces Headquarters
JFHQJoint Field Headquarters (US government)
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There was often a troublesome lag at the outset of a crisis before a JFHQ could assemble and ramp to full operating capability.
The third critical organization we synchronize daily with in these activities is JFHQ DODIN to secure DoD networks.
If National Guard forces in Title 32 status are also operating, detailed coordination between the state JFHQ, NGB, USARNORTH, and USNORTHCOM is required to consolidate the intelligence plan.
The JFHQs are the National Guards' operational coordinating entity and, consequently, would be responsible for coordinating any Guard response to a terrorist event.
This article describes an IT Modernization Strategic Driver Model, as shown in Figure 1, and applies it to the modernization efforts of ARNG JFHQ.
Combining the efforts of the San Diego chapter of NDTA, Region president Mike Meyer, JFHQ CNG, and Kira Campbell and the Meadowview School, the Sacramento chapter presented NEWS10 with cash donations of over $400 and 127 coats.
13) It stated that PJHQ had confirmed that it may be essential for the JFHQ to deploy with a complete JFACHQ and that the JFACHQ should mirror the JFHQ's availability and readiness at R1.
In order to help participants to understand fully the JFHQ purpose and commander's intent and the complexities of the National Incident Management System (NIMS)/Incident Command System (ICS) operational environment, the Texas adjutant general requires all joint staff officers, noncommissioned officers, and civilian employees of the JFHQ-TX to complete several FEMA online courses covering the National Response Plan, NIMS, ICS, Emergency Operations Center, and continuity of operations, as well as Texas-specific staff team training in state emergency management operations.
The concept plans required to formally establish JFHQs at the state level are still under Joint Staff review, but the concept has already been operationally tested numerous times, most notably during the G-8 summit on Sea Island, the Democratic National Convention in Boston, and the Republican National Convention in New York City.
JFHQ staff members are used to working routinely on the operational level.
Tenders are invited for Military - Fire Alarm Monitoring for JFHQ Event Description
The work under this contract includes, but is not necessarily limited to providing all labor, equipment and materials to supply new air conditioning units and modify the existing mechanical system for the new ISSC helpdesk at JFHQ, in accordance with these specifications and accompanying drawings, DMVA Project No.