JFIREJoint Firefighter's Integrated Response Ensemble
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The JFIRE manual bases RED on three assumptions: "friendly troops are standing unprotected in the open, in winter clothing and helmet, and on a line perpendicular to the line of fire.
1 percent PI outlined in JFIRE for 30mm guns from an Apache helicopter is 70 meters, the distance considered danger close.
Obtaining the commander's initials during a danger-close engagement is not only important because it is prescribed by the JFIRE manual, but because it indicates that the ground commander has assessed, mitigated, and accepted the risk of the mission," said MAJ Harrington.
JFires is Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems' (IDS) multi-service, multi- theater, multi-mission Joint Battlespace prototyping environment integrating high fidelity, large-scale digital simulations with fielded hardware and software in a "hardware-in-the-loop" setting.
Our JFires demonstrations help us to iteratively refine our technologies to meet or exceed the Army's Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) requirements," Urias added.
Highlights of JFires Demo 3 will be multiple integrated fire control engagements by U.
JFires combines high fidelity, large-scale digital simulations with tactically representative "hardware-in-the-loop" facilities.
JFires was established to create an open architecture infrastructure to accelerate critical fielding of warfighter technology, providing improved interoperability.