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JFJJews for Jesus
JFJJamaicans for Justice
JFJJPMorgan Fleming Japanese
JFJJewish Funds for Justice (New York, NY; est. 1984)
JFJJustice for Janitors (Service Employees International Union, CLC)
JFJJackets for Jobs
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The innovation deployed in JFJ was to pivot away from looking at union organizing as an employer-by-employer endeavor.
For arriving at its ratings, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of JFJ, The Josco Fashion Jewellers, and Josco Jewellers Pvt Ltd, together referred to as the Josco group.
Having received a letter from America which suggested JFJ was a bigamist, DI Forsyth set to work.
It referred to Beck's earlier comment concerning JFJ head Simon Greer's stated belief that "government is essential to quest for social justice": Such, Beck suggested, is the sort of logic that "leads to death camps.
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In: Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (Schottenfeld D, Fraumeni JFJ, eds).
TOKYO - Tokyo stocks closed lower Monday as a wide range of issues were sold sparked by a sell-off of banking issues following reports of fresh bad-loan woes at JFJ Holdings.
Since opening the doors in 2000, JFJ has assisted more than 14,000 individuals with various needs.
When he takes the place as keynote speaker, Asimov will follow Fred Franzia, CEO of JFJ Bronco Winery, who astonished attendees at the 2016 Unified Symposium by announcing his company had sold 1 billion cases of Charles "Two-Buck Chuck" Shaw wines.