JFKUJohn F Kennedy University
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Students will complement their coursework with 14 months of supervised practicum training at JFKU field-placement sites, thereby receiving more hands-on training hours than students in other counseling psychology master's programs.
All classes will be taught by JFKU faculty and held on the Cabrillo College campus beginning in October.
Of his new role as special assistant to the president at JFKU, Wilson commented, "Whether you are talking about community mental health services, elder law centers, free life-enrichment seminars or the hands-on work of countless students and graduates, the benefits of a JFK University education resonate throughout the Bay Area.
members of the JFKU Board of Regents, are dinner co-chairs.
Foerst's lecture is part of the ongoing Science and Religion Lecture Series sponsored by the JFKU School of Liberal Arts and made possible by the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, the John Templeton Foundation, and the American Scientific Association.
Glasser said the JFKU Board of Regents has approved a resolution to integrate the principles of sustainability into the new campus in Concord.
JFKU currently has campuses in Orinda, Walnut Creek and Campbell.