JFMIPJoint Federal Management Improvement Program (est. 1950)
JFMIPJoint Financial Management Improvement Program
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The three JFMIP principals came to be known as FASAB's sponsors.
The JFMIP cited Gunyou's leadership in implementing a performance budgeting system and redesigning the state's accounting and financial management system as a more effective and useful management tool.
ANYWAY, when JFMIP turned 50, it seemed appropriate to ask JFMIP incumbent Karen Alderman to put together an appropriate panel of authors to discuss various aspects of financial management improvement in the federal government.
Alderman points out that JFMIP has been in the business of issuing financial systems requirements documents since the 1980s.
8 was JFMIP certified only seven weeks after general availability of the solution," said Kevin Horigan, managing director, PeopleSoft Public Services.
JFMIP is an independent agency that develops the standards for core federal financial systems to improve financial accountability and performance throughout the Federal Government.
Prior to the CFO Act, JFMIP was uniquely chartered to facilitate collaborative improvement efforts among federal agencies and GAO.
Nasdaq: PSFT) today announced that it has achieved JFMIP (Joint Financial Management Improvement Program) certification for its Financial Management Solutions 8.
The JFMIP Principals, congressional oversight, and the President's Management Agenda are driving governmentwide initiatives to transform federal financial management.
1 is currently in development and will include JFMIP compliance templates, enhanced connectivity to leading ERP systems, and a host of other important features.
As approved by the JFMIP Core Federal Financial System Software Qualification Test, PeopleSoft's applications allow Federal agencies to take advantage of the most extensible, integrated and updated financial management software available while achieving greater productivity and efficiency for their financial management responsibilities.
JFMIP approval indicates to Federal agencies that an application meets a thorough and comprehensive test of Federal Financial Management requirements.