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JFNJournal of Family Nursing (Sage Publications)
JFNJust for Now
JFNJapan FM (Frequency Modulation) Network (radio)
JFNJasper First Church of the Nazarene (Jasper, Alabama)
JFNJoint Fires Network
JFNJefferson, Ohio (Airport Code)
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At JFN, we believe that funders can have a systemic impact when they work together and leverage their funding.
JFN currently operates from facilities in Queensferry and Deeside which are operating at maximum capacity.
Experiments with JFN, meanwhile, were designed to sort out procedures associated with "time-critical strike" operations, requiring commanders to have weapons on target" within minutes after the target has been spotted.
Murray Galinson, JFN Chair, said, "With some 14% of the Jewish community identified as having special needs or disabilities, there is a growing call to elevate special needs advocacy to the forefront of the Jewish communal agenda.
Through this agreement, JFN will recommend Foundation Source's outsourced services for private foundation administration to those members who already have a family foundation, those who serve on the staff of an established foundation, and those who are considering a private foundation for their charitable giving.
One way to understand JFN is to view this technology as "everything that has to take place, before you pull the trigger," said Capt.
500 S&W HANDI-RIFLE FACTORY HUNTING LOADS Load Velocity Group Size (brand, weight) (fps) (inches) BUFFALO BORE 400 JFN 2,035 1 1/8 BUFFALO BORE 440 LFNGC 1,497 1 1/2 BUFFALO BORE 440 LFNGC/HEAVY 1,925 1 COR-BON 275 BARNES 2,068 1 1/8 COR-BON 400 JSP 1,971 1 1/2 COR-BON 440 HARD CAST 1,947 1 1/2 HORNADY 300 EVOLUTION 2,248 3/4 HORNADY 350 XTP/MAG 2,056 3/4 HORNADY 500 FP/XTP 1,546 5/8 WINCHESTER 400 PLATINUM TIP HP 1,978 7/8 Notes: Groups are the result of three shots at 25 yards.
JFN members include independent funders, as well as foundation trustees, executives and grantmaking professionals.
These include a 370-grain HCGC (Hard Cast Gas Check) from Oregon Trail; 370, 400, and 440 HCGCs from Cast Performance Bullet Company and Sierra jacketed bullets in a 350 JHP and 400 JFN.
38-55, a 255-grain JFN, and two 270-grain Hard Cast LFN rounds, one at .
45 COLT FACTORY AMMO PERFORMANCE LOAD; VELOCITY VELOCITY DIFFERENCE (brand, bullet) (2 1/2" (9 1/2" (between barrel, fps) barrel, fps) lengths, fps) BUFFALO BORE 260 JHP 1,155 N/A N/A BUFFALO BORE 300 JFN 1,147 1,335 (188) BUFFALO BORE 325 LBT 1,095 1,332 (237) COR-BON +P 300 JSP 1,023 1,289 (266) .