JFPRJapan Fund for Poverty Reduction
JFPRJejunoileal Fold Pattern Reversal
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Operating as the primary vehicle for regular Japanese grant assistance and technical assistance, the JFPR tends to be the single largest trust fund within the Asian Development Bank.
A total of 198 JFPR grant projects (equivalent to $228.
With a US$1 million grant from the JFPR, women from selected communities were trained to be rural electricians to install and service solar photovoltaic panels and batteries.
Last month, the bank announced a $4 million grant from the JFPR to finance a project to help build Afghanistan's education system.
This JFPR will contribute to the Government's roadmap for establishing peace and political stability in Mindanao.
100 of the 113 subprojects under the JFPR Kalahi Cidss have funds downloaded.
A JFPR community-based irrigation rehabilitation project was closed in June 2010 and another JFPR project expanded on the earlier project is currently being processed.
The proposed JFPR trade facilitation TA will build on the SPS projects for CLV, and extend SPS analysis and consultations to the GMS.
Description: The objective of the JFPR is to reduce vulnerability and helplessness of women and children in 5 rural districts of Nepal by providing professional and coordinated protection and assistance to female and child victims of crimes such as rape, domestic violence, polygamy, allegations of witchcraft, child abuse, child marriage and trafficking.
iv) Oversee, monitor and support administering of the JFPR project, and in particular in preparing poverty and livelihood baseline and project monitoring, including participatory self M&E by PPs and CIGs