JFPRJapan Fund for Poverty Reduction
JFPRJejunoileal Fold Pattern Reversal
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With a US$1 million grant from the JFPR, women from selected communities were trained to be rural electricians to install and service solar photovoltaic panels and batteries.
Last month, the bank announced a $4 million grant from the JFPR to finance a project to help build Afghanistan's education system.
The JFPR project will support innovative partnerships between the Government and NGOs to develop and deliver better health services for underserved population.
This JFPR funding will build 47 rural health centers and sub-health centers, refurbish three townships hospitals, supply medical equipment and training, and lead to better access to basic health services to some of the country s most vulnerable people, said Kazuhiko Koguchi, ADB s Executive Director for Japan.
The $20 million JFPR grant, together with a $500 million emergency loan approved earlier this month, will support the government s efforts in the immediate recovery phase.
The $20 million JFPR funds, together with a $500 million emergency loan sanctioned later this month, will aid the government's initiatives in the immediate revival stage.
35 million JFPR grant, ADB will work with the National Energy Management Committee and seven line ministries responsible for the country s energy sector to formulate a 20-year energy plan that improves coordination and focuses policies on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.