JFQJoint Force Quarterly
JFQJournal of Food Quality
JFQJohnson Family Quartet (Twin Peaks, CA)
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We tweaked it a bit and shortened the proposed title to JFQ, The team did a great job.
2) Patrick Michael Duggan, Strategie Development of Special Warfare in Cyberspace, Essay Competitions / Special Warfare in Cyberspace JFQ 79, 4th Quarter 2015 p.
The first is a letter containing some additional detail about the founding of the journal--a topic that was previously covered in the JFQ 83 Executive Summary.
Errors in Strategic Thinking: Anti-Politics and the Macro Bias," JFQ 81 (2nd Quarter 2016)
JFQ How will these adaptations in your strategy and approach affect USSOUTHCOM's downstream activities?
While I knew this fact, I had never had contact with Fred until he wrote me to discuss the most recent JFQ he had read.
JFQ Let's discuss the retirement plans for the A-10 and how that relates to your perspective of how close air support will look in the future.
JFQ next presents the winning essays from the 10th annual Secretary of Defense and 35th annual Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Essay Competitions, held here at National Defense University (NDU).
JFQ What is the relationship between the DOD Force of the Future and the Third Offset?
Denning, "Rethinking the Cyber Domain and Deterrence," JFQ 77 (2nd Quarter 2015)
In Joint Doctrine, Dale Eikmeier returns to JFQ with his views on the center of gravity and gives us an excellent commentary on a key element of any military planner's or strategist's lexicon.
Frank Hoffman, has once again lined up three great reviews by three longtime supporters of JFQ who will no doubt cause you to consider adding these titles to your reading list.