JFQJoint Force Quarterly
JFQJournal of Food Quality
JFQJohnson Family Quartet (Twin Peaks, CA)
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Herndon, "Military Involvement in Cultural Property Protection: An Overview," JFQ 74
Bert Frandsen, "Learning and Adapting: Billy Mitchell in World War I," JFQ 72 and J.
JFQ offers you that opportunity to say what you think matters.
JFQ A number of earlier issues were widely reported in the press, each seemingly difficult to solve, such as the specialized flight helmet.
JFQ As the largest customer of the aircraft, what does the U.
Manzo, another JFQ alumnus, returns with his thoughts on what happens in Northeast Asia after the shooting starts.
Jim was a frequent contributor of both articles and book reviews to JFQ and was a great person to talk with, as all the editors of this journal knew that special pleasure.
JFQ offers you the chance to learn about your profession and at the same time help others learn what you know.
Returning to the pages of JFQ, Lukas Milevski develops an important discussion of asymmetry and strategy, which may seem simple enough.
Lastly, this issue marks retirement of the last two remaining "plank holders" of the original JFQ staff from the journal's 1993 launch: Mr.
JFQ All the Services have programs for helping their wounded warriors and their families.
JFQ What is the Army's role within the Joint Force 2020 and beyond ?