JFSRJournal of Feminist Studies in Religion
JFSRJournal of Financial Services Research
JFSRJust Frame Sky Rocket (gaming)
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See also Fatima Seedat, Islam, feminism, And Islamic Feminism: Between Inadequacy and Inevitability, in JFSR, Indiana University Press, Vol.
The Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion: Straight outta Cambridge, the biannual JFSR is the nation's oldest interdisciplinary, interreligious feminist academic journal in religious studies.
For example, in my study, I do not include some or all of the cites in other finance journals such as FAJ, JFSR, JFR, JBFA, FR, Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER), and Journal of Financial Markets (JFINMKT) because they are either not fully covered or covered at all by the SSCI during my sample period.