JFSTJoint Fire Support Team (various armed forces)
JFSTJunk Fax Stock Tracker (website)
JFSTJournal of Food Science and Technology (Association of Food Scientists and Technologists of India)
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The framework agreement covers the repair performance of the year 2015 the system fennec fennec JFST and 1A2 in the material conservation levels 2.
The framework agreement includes the repair capacity of 2016 the system Fennek JFST and Fennek 1A2 in the maintenance stages 2/3 with the following supply numbers 2355-12-373-48682355-12-373-48732355-12-381-34792355-12-381-34835895-12-356-19005895-12-357-73812355-12-382-41112355-12-382-41132355-12-385-98002355-12-385-98015895-12-373-6696In the scope set out inII.
2017 SpWa Fennek JFST in Maintenance Level 4 with the following power numbers (VERSNR) 2355-12-373-48682355-12-373-48732355-12-381-34792355-12-382-41112355-12-382-41132355-12-381-3483The total amount in pointII.