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JFTJoint Fluid Therapy
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JFTJapanese Federation of Transport
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In 1950 the JFT formally rejected Leninism, and thereby Trotskyism as well, effectively cutting its ties with the SWP.
6) Treatment options for subretinal neovascularization (SRNV) associated with type 2 JFT include PDT, IVTA, and surgical interventions.
Upon the effective delisting date, the JFT ETNs will no longer be listed on any national exchange or quoted medium.
Juca JFT, De Campos TMP, Marino FAM, Recife, Brazil, Balkema.
JFT Construction, East Wenatchee; general contractor.
My first encounter with existential thought came through the existential-humanistic tradition of Rollo May and JFT Bugental, whose writings I devoured in the 'seventies.
JFT Safe Deposit Lockers provide a safe home for your valuable items and documents, giving you piece of mind while you travel".
Department of Foreign Languages and Secondary Education, State University of New York at New Paltz, JFT 408, New Paltz, NY 12561.
Please ensure you know the TFPDD, the FOPS, the JFT JAT, JFT OPT, as well as the JCM as it relates to the JFACC, JFLCC, and the JFMCC.
Symphony Holdings is a marketer and licensor of sports and recreation footwear and apparel, with stakes in worldwide consumer brands like Pony, Haggar, Speedo, Mango, Helly Hansen, Berghaus, JFT Holdings (Toyota Tsusho) and controls about two-percent of the worldwide athletic shoe market.
Now Richard's daughter, Rachel Griffin, has spoken of her relief after JFT Wholesale Limited admitted civil liability for the claims, following a challenge from lawyers at Irwin Mitchell.