JFWJAWS For Windows (assistive technology/software from Freedom Scientific)
JFWJogja Fashion Week (Indonesia)
JFWJunior Forest Wardens (Canada)
JFWJustice for the World (human rights organization)
JFWJamaica Federation of Women
JFWJainism For World Association
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With the convening of JFW 2016 in Senayan City, Jakarta Fashion Week will have a value comparable to the fashion brands stationed there, and this is something that is very encouraging.
Lima Neto JDA, Ribeiro MR, Correa MM, Souza-Junior VSD, Araujo Filho JCD, Lima JFW (2010) Mineralogy and micromorphology of cohesive horizons in oxisols and ultisols of the coastal tablelands of Alagoas, Brazil.
JFWs youth strategy is not without critics, in part because those under 35 account for only 13% of all U.
JFW Advertising, The Dairy, 1 Narborough Wood Park, Desford Road, Enderby, Leicester LE9 4XT.
For something a bit lighter JFW at John Lewis has a sexy see-through tunic top for pounds 39.
Arranz MJ, Munro J, Birkett J, Bolonna A, Mancama D, Sodhi M, Leach KP, Meyer JFW, Sham P, Collier DA, Murray RM, Kerwin RW: Pharmacogenetic prediction of clozapine response.
Warner DS, Martin H, Ludwig P, McAllister A, Keana JFW, Weber E: In vivo models of cerebral ischemia: Effects of parenterally administered NMDA receptor glycine site antagonists.
The JFW is organized by event management company Azura Activation (www.
In addition to their acclaimed California and Oregon producers, JFW includes fine wines from France, Chile, Italy and Australia.