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It was decided that CVH-b would be more suitable for the JMSDF, and the Japan Defense Agency (or JDA, the predecessor of the present Ministry of Defense) decided to request one CVH-b in the JFY 1961 budget.
This interval, from JFY 1977 through 1979, where no defense buildup plan was in effect, was called the "Post-Fourth DBP" (P-4) period.
After completing the 14-week federal EPA training program at JFY NetWorks, he was hired within three months as a field service techinician with Entrix Environmental, and he was sent to work in the Gulf of Mexico for three months cleaning the BP oil spill.
Gary Kaplan, spokesman for JFY NetWorks, said finding manufacturing and construction jobs is nearly impossible in this economy.
The 2nd Five-Year Basic S&T Plan, JFY 2001 to JFY 2005, continues.
Examples of flagship projects to achieve these objectives include the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program, launched in JFY 2002.
For the past 30 years, JFY has been strongly committed to helping young men and women from low-income families become a part of the economic mainstream, and, in the process, providing the Chicago area business community with motivated, job-ready workers.
Michelle Coussens, dean of the Kendall College School of Business said: "On behalf of the entire Kendall College team, we welcome the opportunity to assist students such as those from JFY in providing access and preparation to disadvantaged youth.
With our alliance, Trumpf and JFY are now in a more powerful position than other providers to give customers products on every technological level, and from the same group of companies.
This will strengthen JFY technologically, while benefiting from the German company's global position.
The government science and technology (S&T) budget for JFY 2003 continued its climb, rising to 3,591.
The plans sought unprecedented S&T investment, including doubling the government's R&D budget over its JFY 1992 level by the end of JFY 2000 (March 31, 2001).