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JGBJapanese Government Bond
JGBJerry Garcia Band
JGBJ Geils Band
JGBJG Ballard (science fiction author)
JGBJust Got Back
JGBJosh Goode Band
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However, other triggers for a JGB market panic would be found so long as the underlying biases of the BOJ and of Japanese pork-barrel expenditure remained.
Earlier in the day, the Finance Ministry set the coupon on the July 10-year JGB issue at 1.
The rise in the coupon rate was in line with a recent upward trend in the benchmark JGB yield, which reflects gains in U.
Given the auction's favorable results, buying increased later in the day to leave the benchmark JGB yield flat.
The public postal services corporation, which has been the biggest JGB buyer with postal savings and insurance money, will be privatized in a 10-year process starting next October.
22 calling on the government to do its utmost to slash new JGB issuance to rein in debt-ridden state finances, the sources said.
The gap between yields on the latest conventional 10-year JGB issue and on the newest inflation-indexed JGB issue is viewed as the projected inflation rate.
The market-expected rise is indicated as a gap between the yield on the latest 10-year JGB issue and that on the new inflation-indexed JGB issue.
Since the ministry introduced JGBs for individuals in 2003 to diversify JGB investors in consideration of growing JGB issuances, sales have exceeded expectations, they said.
It is the first time ever that the ministry has unveiled the ranking of major JGB underwriters.
In trading in new 10-year inflation-indexed JGBs auctioned Tuesday, the yield exceeded that on the benchmark 10-year, fixed-coupon JGB issue by some 0.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bonds and JGB futures declined Tuesday morning on advances in Tokyo shares and due to caution over a 30-year JGB auction to be held later in the day.