JGSIJewish Genealogical Society of Illinois (Northbrook, IL)
JGSIJournal of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
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By using Mpower's flex capabilities, JGSI was able to build brochure templates that could on-the-fly resize image containers to handle images of any size that a dealer might upload.
Pageflex's Mpower technology enables us to make one brochure template look like many different designs," said Jen Huebert, JGSI.
NASDAQ:BITS) and JGSullivan Interactive (JGSI), a leading marketing and software development firm offering Internet and customized document services to Fortune 1000 companies, today announce that JGSI selected Pageflex(TM) Mpower(TM) to produce customized collateral for York UPG (NYSE: YRK).
The JGSI Build-A-Brochure program gives customers an Internet-based client interface for building custom documents online using content databases.